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On the Evening of Aug. 16th 2016

Written By Powertrip Radio on Friday, September 2, 2016 | 2:23 PM

When you just thought you were back to Normality after a Big Win💪🏼 beating Brain Cancer #Glioblastoma #Grade4 ufff it was not easy .. And most of you that has Followed me for a long period of time knows how hard the struggle, pain and overwhelming it was not only to me but my lil Familia. To be honest with the HELP of our Oh Mighty Father ☝🏼️and a Great Medical TEAM🏥 everything is possible. Again, the Fight🎗 was not easy, but I overcame the biggest scare of my Life. #May24th I was released on Complete Remission #FreeOfCancer 😀 AWESOMENESS ‼️ Right??? Yes Indeed. 

Unfortunately, it doesn't End there.. On November 11th of Last Year I Underwent 2 surgeries at once, #MVDSurgery #OpenBrainSurgery🤕 I was told I would be Free of Pain for upto 5 years. Well, I was soooo happy because months passed and I was either without pain or minor. On August 16th I experienced very surprisingly the Worstssss Pain in Humankind once again,,,, #realtalk ⚡️😱😫😖😢😡 it came back after an 8 month period after surgery. It was horrific, terrible, horrible omggggg excruciating a pain that if I had the courage to do such thing; I would had literally ran my head onto a concrete wall. Seriously !!!!!!!!! It just had to be gone ASAP ‼️ that evening of August 16, I was alone in my seating room under the darkness everything was triggering this Pain,, mis amores I found myself sooo confused, lost, frustrated loss of thoughts bad thoughts... I don't recommend this pain to anyone and would never wish it on anyone either! 😢😢😢 all I could do was text 2 ppl I can truly trust, I'm not sure if it were me seeking HELP I don't know. I spoke with two of my TN sisters and the more the thoughts were getting to a point I just don't know mi gente it was Evil👹 I kept trying to REVOKE it as much as I could but the PAIN was becoming even more aggressive it was a very scary moment for me. All I can say is that if it weren't for my friend Lori to contact immediately my daughters and my youngest was on vacation she only could call my husband. He was about 40 mins away. My oldest came to me, she was Mom what's wrong ??? Are you ok? Why you're crying.? I tried to not worry her by wiping the tears away. At that very moment, I was surprised to see my Husband home soooo worried I woke out of that dark moment and just started crying and praying,,,,,🙏🏼 my husband hugged me so hard told me He Loves me and that I was his world. With that being said we seeked help right away... I was put on a Health & Mental crisis til further notice. 

Thank you Lori O'Hern, Shelbie O'Hern, Kimberly Marín amongst many others whom reached out to me on that evening giving me full support, love and care. Truly Blessed 

Next Step is the request of a 2nd MVD Open Brain Surgery ASAP‼️ which at this time is on processing mode. The Costs are extremely high and my lil Family and I cannot afford leaving me with No Choice but to Seek the HELP of others... It will truly be a Huge Blessing if you guys can try to see it with your heart not with your eyes and even if it's just $1 or as you wish.. It's more than a Blessing to Us. Thank you and God blessyou❤️

          Rosey La Jefa🌹

Written By Powertrip Radio on Tuesday, August 30, 2016 | 1:36 PM

https://www.gofundme.com/2xpzbzck DONATE & SHARE

We are asking for our audience, our listeners, friends and family for prayers. As well as, if you can think for a quick second, If you were in Roseys position at this time... please Donate even if it's $1 or as you Wish, we want our Radio Host (Rosey La Jefa) back LIVE "On Air" with Us making us all happy, smiling and cheerful with her Voice & Presense... Rosey has suffer for way too long. Most of us know, She overcame Ovarian Teen Cancer at the age of 17, 21 & 25.  Then Brain Cancer at the age of 35 and many other brain complications; on which she went on complete remission this past MAY 24th 2016. Unfortunately at this time Rosey still is battling A rare Disease called Trigeminal Neuralgia which by the way its Nickname "The Suicide Disease" since 2011 and was diagnosed with TN on Late 2013, only her and those whom battles this disease every single day knows the Truth of Agony, Excruciating Pain that in many cases a few has taken there own lives because they weren't able to continue with this agony & pain. Intense mental & emotional state of thoughts. Here in Powertrip Radio we Love and Support our one & only Rosey la jefa ♡ We are hoping and praying you reach out even if it's to Pray, Donate, comfort and/or SHARE this post, it would mean alot to our Staff, roseys family and Rosey.

Thank You
POWERTRIP RADIO & Staff https://www.gofundme.com/2xpzbzck

We Are Back and On Fire🔥

Written By Powertrip Radio on Saturday, August 13, 2016 | 6:01 PM

Powertrip Radio a Web Radio dat Brings You Da Best Of Da Best in Music, Entertainment and so much more! DJ Alex & Radio Host Rosey La Jefa💋... 🎤 🎼 Tune-In▶️ #TheComeback LETS GO ‼️‼️‼️  

Motörhead's Lemmy Kilmister passes away

Written By Powertrip Radio on Tuesday, December 29, 2015 | 2:17 PM

Powertrip Radio is saddened to learn of the passing of rock legend Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister. Lemmy was the lead vocalist for Motörhead, which performed multiple WWE entrance themes, including Triple H's "The Game," Evolution's "Line in the Sand" theme and the "King of Kings" music, which debuted at WrestleMania 22 and typically plays The Authority to the ring today. Motörhead also played "The Game" live at WrestleMania X-Seven and WrestleMania 21 before Triple H's matches against The Undertaker and Batista, respectively.

Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister (24 December 1945 – 28 December 2015) was an English musician, singer, and songwriter who founded and fronted the rock band Motörhead. His music and lifestyle was a distinctive part of the heavy metal genre.
Lemmy was born in Stoke-on-Trent and grew up in North Wales. He was influenced by rock and roll and the early Beatles, which led to him playing in several rock groups in the 1960s, most significantly the Rockin' Vickers. He worked as a roadie for Jimi Hendrix and The Nice, before joining the space rock band Hawkwind in 1971, singing lead on their hit "Silver Machine". After being fired from Hawkwind, he founded Motörhead as lead singer, bassist, songwriter and frontman. Motörhead's success peaked in 1980 and 1981 and included the hit single "Ace of Spades". Lemmy continued to record and tour regularly with Motörhead until his death in December 2015.
Aside from his musical skills, Lemmy was well known for his hard living lifestyle and regular consumption of alcohol and amphetamines. He was also noted for his collection of Nazi memorabilia, although he did not support Nazi ideals. He made several cameo appearances in film and television.

Early life

Lemmy was born on Christmas Eve in the Burslem area of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.[1][2] When Lemmy was three months old, his father, an ex-Royal Air Force chaplain, separated from his mother. His mother and grandmother moved to nearby Newcastle-under-Lyme, then moved again to Madeley, another nearby town.[3] When Lemmy was 10, his mother married former footballer George Willis, who already had two older children from a previous marriage, Patricia and Tony, with whom Lemmy did not get along.

The family moved to a farm in Benllech on the Welsh island of Anglesey,[4] with Lemmy later commenting on his time there, that "funnily enough, being the only English kid among 700 Welsh ones didn't make for the happiest time – but it was interesting from an anthropological point of view".[5] He attended Sir Thomas Jones' School in Amlwch, where he was nicknamed Lemmy, although he was unsure why; it would later be claimed that the name originated from the phrase "lemmy [lend me] a quid till Friday" because of his habit of borrowing money from people to feed his addiction to slot machines.[3][6][7] He soon started to show an interest in rock and roll music, girls, and horses.
By the time he left school his family had relocated to Conwy, still in northern Wales. There he worked at menial jobs including one in the local Hotpoint electric appliance factory, while also playing guitar for local bands, such as the Sundowners, and spending time at a horse-riding school.[3] Lemmy saw the Beatles perform at The Cavern Club when he was 16, and then learned to play along on guitar to their first album Please Please Me. He also admired the sarcastic attitude of the group, particularly that of John Lennon.[8]

At the age of 17, he met a holidaying girl called Cathy. He followed her to Stockport, where she eventually had his son Sean, who was put up for adoption.[3] In the 2010 documentary film Lemmy, Lemmy mentions having a son whose mother has only recently "found him" and "hadn't got the heart to tell him who his father was", indicating the boy – perhaps Sean – was given up for adoption. 

Drugs and alcohol

Lemmy was well known for his intake of alcohol. In the documentary Live Fast Die Old, it was revealed that he drank a bottle of Jack Daniel's every day and had done so since he was 30 years old.[31] In 2013, Lemmy stopped drinking Jack Daniel's for health reasons.[32]
During his time with Hawkwind, he developed an appetite for amphetamines and LSD, particularly the former. Before joining Hawkwind, he recalled Dik Mik, a former Hawkwind sound technician, visiting his squat in the middle of the night and taking speed with him. They became interested in how long "you could make the human body jump about without stopping," which they did for a few months, until Mik ran out of money and wanted to return to Hawkwind, taking Lemmy with him.[6]
I first got into speed because it was a utilitarian drug and kept you awake when you needed to be awake, when otherwise you'd just be flat out on your back. If you drive to Glasgow for nine hours in the back of a sweaty truck you don't really feel like going onstage feeling all bright and breezy... It's the only drug I've found that I can get on with, and I've tried them all – except smack [heroin] and morphine: I've never "fixed" anything.[6]
In November 2005, he was invited to the National Assembly for Wales as a guest speaker by Tory member William Graham. He was asked to express his views on the detrimental effects of drugs, and called for the legalisation of heroin: "I have never had heroin but since I moved to London from North Wales in '67 I have mixed with junkies on a casual and almost daily basis," he said. "I also lived with a young woman who tried heroin just to see what it was like. It killed her three years later. I hate the idea even as I say it, but I do believe the only way to treat heroin is to legalise it." He stated that legalisation would eradicate the drug dealer from society


On 28 December 2015, four days after his 70th birthday, Lemmy died at his home in Los Angeles, California, at 16:00 PST from an "extremely aggressive cancer."[44] Motörhead announced his death on their official Facebook page later that day. According to the band, his cancer had only been diagnosed two days prior to his death.[45]
Reviewing his career after his death, The Guardian said:
Over the years as guitarists and drummers passed through Motörhead’s line up, Lemmy remained the grizzled heart of the machine. His bronchial rasp – directed into a towering microphone tilted down into his weather-beaten face - was one of the most recognisable voices in rock, while his Rickenbacker guitar recast the bass as an overpowered, distorted rhythmic rumble.[46]
In his 2002 autobiography White Line Fever, Lemmy had written:
"People don’t become better when they’re dead; you just talk about them as if they are, but it’s not true! People are still a--holes, they’re just dead a--holes! ... I didn’t have a really important life, but at least it’s been funny.

Happy Thanksgiving From Powertrip Radio Fam....

Written By Powertrip Radio on Thursday, November 26, 2015 | 4:35 AM

- Powertrip Radio would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.....



Written By Powertrip Radio on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 | 4:39 AM

- Powertrip Radio was returning last night November 16, 2015 for a Special Program, Problems happen on Saturday November 14 for us and there was no way we could had gotten everything ready for you, for every listeners here on Powertrip Radio we apologize and we are trying our best to fix everything so we can have the best for you and give you back Live Music. Powertrip Radio will remain Off until everything gets fix, once everything gets fix we will return with our Programming and let u listeners out there enjoy Live Music Thank You.....

Batchelder Bobcats of the Month and Students of the Month joined super-fun Celtics rookies (l. to r.) Jordan Mickey, Terry Rozier, and R.J. Hunter for a game of kickball.

Written By Powertrip Radio on Saturday, October 17, 2015 | 8:31 AM

Celtics players, legends and volunteers, along with Optum volunteers and students from Louis W. Batchelder, completed projects designed by the Care Force division of City Year to help enhance areas around the school. The day of volunteering also included a school-wide assembly with all students, remarks from Celtics and Optum executives, and a post-event dinner.

It's good to be a Batchelder Bobcat of the Month!
Among those involved in the event were Celtics rookies R.J. Hunter, Jordan Mickey and Terry Rozier, Celtics Legends Leon Powe and Tom “Satch” Sanders, Celtics Dancers, Optum Executive Vice President Mike Matteo and Chief Engagement and Partnership Officer for the Hartford Public Schools Deidre Tavera.

“We were excited to spend time with the students of Batchelder at their school today,” said Rozier. “It was fun to play kickball and see all of the renovation projects take place.”
The students got a kick out of getting their shirts signed by the Celtics rookies.
“We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with the Boston Celtics to create engaging, active, healthy areas for the students of Louis W. Batchelder School,” said Matteo, Executive Vice President, Optum.

“On behalf of everyone at Hartford Public Schools we extend our thanks to the Celtics players, legends and volunteers, along with Optum volunteers, the Care Force division of City Year, and students, staff and community members from Louis W. Batchelder School who together completed so many exciting projects to improve the functionality and aesthetics in vital areas around the school,” said Dr. Beth Schiavino-Narvaez, Superintendent of Hartford Public Schools. “We are so appreciative of this invaluable partnership which comes together each year to support our schools and our students.”
The partnership between Optum and the Boston Celtics began in the spring of 2013. One of the main goals of this partnership is for employees of both organizations to engage in volunteer activities together to help improve their surrounding communities, a core value of both the Celtics and Optum.

About The Boston Celtics

A charter member of the Basketball Association of America (which evolved into the National Basketball Association) since 1946, the Boston Celtics have won a record 17 NBA Championships, including eight (8) in a row from 1959-1966, winning their first title in 1957 and their most recent in 2008. The Celtics have long stood for equality, and respect, including hiring the first African American Coach and starting the first all black starting five. In addition, 39 former Celtics players, management or staff have been inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. In December 2002 the team returned to local ownership for the first time since 1963. For more information on the Celtics, log on to www.celtics.com.

About Optum

Optum is a leading information and technology-enabled health services business dedicated to helping make the health system work better for everyone. Optum delivers intelligent, integrated solutions to modernize the health system and improve overall population health. For more information, visit www.optum.com.